Thursday, 25 October 2012

Something in the Ether

This is a slightly unusual blog post for me as it is about self-promotion. But bear with me, I hope you'll find it's worth it.

I started this year determined not just to write more, but to get that writing out into the world. One of my best discoveries has been the Ether app on the iPhone. Ether specialise in quick reads and have a mix of free and paid downloads. They curate all the content - this is not self-publishing. So if you pay for a story on the app, you know you'll get something good. Even better, we writers get a cut of the download fees too. I have six stories on the app now and am really happy to reach be reaching a new audience. In many ways, writers are taking back the means of distribution for the work in this new digital age - there is as much opportunity as there is threat and we have to get out there and sell our wares.


For one week only, Ether are running a Halloween competition - there are sixty new halloween-themed stories on the app and they are all free to download. Now, here comes the pitch: the writer that gets their story downloaded the most between now and Halloween wins a rather splendid prize. And I would like to be that writer. So, if you haven't discovered the Ether app yet, go to or search for Ether Books in the App Store. Then download this:

And while you're at it, have a look at some my other stories. Oh, okay, there are other good writers on the app too (anyone heard of Hilary Mantel?)

Scan this QR code on your iPhone for a shortcut to the Ether app:


  1. Hello! Just visiting from the 'ether'! Good luck with your story... off on my hols tomorrow so I'll read them all then. hey - you're in East Dulwich! I often used to stay with friends on Lordship Lane!.. small world (bit I wouldn't like to hoover it!)

    1. Small world, indeed, although I'm no longer in East Dulwich, but Forest Hill, which is, er, East Dulwich adjacent!